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Muscle Relaxer Addiction

The effects of muscle relaxer addiction are well known. This type of addiction develops slowly over time. While the severity of the symptoms may vary between people, there are common factors that affect them. In addition, as a result of long-term use, some people may even develop physical dependence, which can have more serious consequences. Long term muscle relaxer addiction can produce some negative side effects which can significantly impair normal activities, including: Irregular sleep patterns, depression, irritability, dizziness, poor concentration, emotional disturbances and difficulty completing daily activities. Some people have even developed serious problems such as liver damage and brain damage. Because of the many side effects caused by muscle relaxers, people are advised to never drive or work machinery after heavy use and it’s recommended that they take it before going to bed, but don’t take it right before sleeping. If a person becomes dependent on a muscle relaxer, it can also affect his relationships. If a person does not take the relaxer before going out, he will feel irritable and anxious, which will make the situation worse. While there are no known cures for muscle relaxer addiction, most of the effects can be overcome through drug rehabilitation. Drug rehabilitation involves detoxifying the body of any substance, including muscle relaxers, so that the addict can learn new habits and overcome the addiction. People who want to undergo this method of rehabilitation should first decide whether they want to quit the habit permanently or if they are only using the substance to relieve muscle tension and stress. People who do not have a firm grasp on their goals can opt to undergo a short-term detoxification and then resume normal activities, including work and other commitments. The short-term detox will enable a person to overcome the addiction and regain his or her life.