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At Alternative to Addiction, our mission is clear. Whether you’re looking for information about specific drugs, treatments, or mental health issues, or are looking for information about how to find treatment, we want you to be able to find that information quickly and easily on our site.

We aim to save families and save lives by raising awareness and helping people find the resources and services that they need to get well. The information that you’ll find on our website is meant to supplement the advice that a medical professional can provide, and should not replace the care or guidance of a doctor.

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Alternative Addiction Treatment Services

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All the information you need about various treatment options.
Common Abused Drugs
Better understand commonly abused substances.
Addiction Signs
Learn how to identify the signs and symptoms of addiction.
Mental Health
Understand co-occurring disorders and dual diagnosis treatment.

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Though there are hundreds of thousands of individuals who suffer from substance abuse and mental disorders, only a fraction gets the actual care and help they need to overcome it. Many individuals simply don’t understand the severity of their condition and don’t realize they need help while others don’t have anyone to turn to for help.

Here at Alternative Addiction, we strive to not only do we strive to be a resource for individuals to find the proper treatment they need but we aim to provide unbiased and reliable information surrounding addiction and mental health. With our directory of thousands of local drug rehabs, mental health centers, addiction therapists and psychiatrist, we are more than confident you will be able to find the right level of care you need.

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