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Difference Between Addiction And Dependence

The main difference between addiction and dependency is that an addict needs it badly enough to function normally without it. When they quit taking it, they experience unpleasant symptoms and develop tolerance for it quickly. Those with dependency on alcohol or drugs are typically experiencing withdrawal symptoms. They feel as if they have no control over their body and often suffer from severe depression, anxiety, and irritability. Addiction treatment centers have come up with several different approaches to addiction that deal with each of the different problems mentioned above. Some centers offer a combination of several of them, so that they can work together to offer treatment to their patients. Addiction treatment centers can be found in both inpatient and outpatient settings. The main difference between addiction and dependency is in the nature of the treatment offered to their patients. In addiction treatment centers, the center treats the patient through the use of medication. These are used to try to combat the cravings and withdrawal symptoms that come with withdrawal from drugs and alcohol. There are also behavioral therapies that are used along with medications and this helps the patient to overcome his or her addiction as well. In an outpatient addiction treatment center, the same type of treatment is offered to the patients. It is usually done through group sessions that help the patients work with a trained therapist and learn how to handle their cravings and their withdrawals. There are many different methods that a therapist can teach a patient to overcome his or her addiction. They can teach patients to recognize their cravings, how to treat them, and even how to overcome their urges. Some of the techniques that are used in treatment may include cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) and individual and family psychotherapy. Addiction treatment centers help their patients with all of the above and more.