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Codeine Addiction

Codeine addiction is a drug use disorder characterized by a rapid increase in the use of the drug, an escalation of tolerance to it, and severe physical withdrawal symptoms if not using it correctly. Codeine is a synthetic opiate, which is taken by injecting it into the body in high doses. Codeine works on opiate receptors in the brain by increasing their release of substances like dopamine and morphine. This then leads to the sensation of euphoria. The drug is abused for its ability to produce these effects, most commonly by giving it through injection to those who feel that they cannot get enough of it through normal means. Codeine is usually prescribed for pain relief to patients who suffer from long-term or severe pain. However, many people, especially those who take these types of medications on a daily basis, start to develop problems with these drugs. There are a few ways in which someone with an addiction to codeine can go about getting help. One of the best options is to get help for Codeine Addiction Treatment from a Substance Abuse Treatment Center. Once someone gets treatment for Codeine Addiction, they will need to undergo several courses of medication and treatment to recover. Codeine Addiction Treatment Centers will generally start off with detoxification, in which someone will be putting on a series of pills to help them break down the opiate receptors in their bodies. Once these substances have been broken down, detox programs will be used to get rid of the chemicals that have been produced from the opiates. After detox, the patient will be able to get back on their medication, but this time on a more controlled dose. The program will typically last up to 6 weeks, with the total duration depending on the type of treatment being offered. The recovery process for most people can be complete in as little as two months, but there are also people who will take a longer period of time. However, once a person gets past their addiction, they will experience no adverse side effects when taking the medication on a daily basis.