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Smallpools Sean Scanlon recently chatted with AA about the band's fall tour and the band waiting to release their debut album.

Smallpools might be on the road right now promoting their new song “Killer Whales” and reacquainting themselves with fans, but the band is still very much playing the waiting game. The band’s fall tour goes through the end of November, but that’s not the only thing on the mind of frontman Sean Scanlon. With the end of the year approaching, Smallpools recently finished up their debut album. Now, they’re at the swell of what hopefully will be a large takeoff for the Brooklyn-based band. “The ideas change so frequently,” said Scanlon talking with Alternative Addiction. “Now that we’re all done with everything, everything is all on the white board, so to speak, and we’re trying to figure out what the next step is. As far as I know, there should be a single that pops up soon and then the album should follow suit sometime in January, or around there. But I could get an email today with some brand new idea that’s completely different than I thought, so we’re still planning things.” If it were all up to Scanlon, the decision would be to throw the songs online and then go to play them for audiences. It’s not all the way up to Scanlon, and ultimately he knows the best decision for the band is to wait for the best time to release a new single, and then the album. “It’s a little hard waiting, but I’m still reveling in the fact that we have a great opportunity and we want to make the best of it. When it does come out, if it’s as good as we think it is, I think people will come back and listen and there will be a resurgence. I’ve seen a lot of great EPs come and then the albums get rushed out and things fizzle and fade away. I want to make sure we give ourselves the best chance,” added Sean. You can listen to the band’s new song “Killer Whales” right now on iTunes and Spotify. You can see the band’s upcoming tour dates at