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Judah Akers’ Pink Laundry has returned with its second single, “Dirty Converse,” out now.

Judah Akers’ Pink Laundry has returned with its second single, “Dirty Converse,” out now. A video for the track, filmed in quarantine, is also out now. he new project from the Judah & the Lion frontman comes just over a month after he launched the project and debut single, “Like It Like This.” At the end of 2019, Akers had just wrapped up a world tour in support of Judah & the Lion’s last album Pep Talks and began 2020 by taking time to write a ton of new music. Eventually he realized that the music he was making didn’t feel like it fit into the Judah & the Lion story, so he created Pink Laundry. He teamed up with engineer Drew Long and musicians Garrett Tyler (percussion) and Hannah Tyler (violin) to help bring his DIY vision to life. Akers describes their collaboration on “Dirty Converse:” “I started ‘Dirty Converse’ with this simple grooving bass line which you hear throughout the song. For some reason when I added a drum sample to the track as I was writing, it reminded me of meeting my wife for the first time. She had a white tee shirt, ripped blue jeans, and these dirty white Converse. Something about that moment I’ll never forget. We just allowed the production to be free like the writing, and to end the song with a violin/guitar solo just felt fitting to any love relationship.” In mid-April, Akers took to Instagram Live to give fans a look inside his writing process and wrote a brand-new song while livestreaming. “I had this weird idea to try and write a song about quarantine and COVID-19 — what I’ve been going through on Instagram live.” The resulting track, “2020 Won,” was written in just an hour’s time. Over the next week, Akers recorded the track in his home studio in Nashville, TN, before releasing it via Bandcamp and Soundcloud just 8 days later. The track was paired with a moving video featuring images and footage coming out of the global pandemic which can be watched on the Pink Laundry Instragram