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Evanescence's Amy Lee and Troy McLawhorn recently covered Bananarama's classic hit "Cruel Summer" for Germany's MagentaMusik 360, and the band shared the footage on social media last week.

Evanescence’s Amy Lee and Troy McLawhorn recently covered Bananarama’s classic hit “Cruel Summer” for Germany’s MagentaMusik 360, and the band shared the footage on social media last week. “Cruel Summer,” which was originally released as a standalone single in 1983, later got included on Bananarama’s self-titled second album. The song became immensely popular following its inclusion in the superhit film The Karate Kid in 1984. Lee sang and played keyboard and McLawhorn played the guitar, with both performing from their respective places. At the end of the clip, Lee says, “I don’t know about you guys, but so many songs have seemed to take on a new and deeper meaning during this time – and that’s one of those for me. I hope you enjoyed our little performance. We can’t wait to play for you live in the flesh again. Until then, stay safe, be well and take care. We love you.” Evanescence are currently preparing to release their new studio album The Bitter Truth. The band recently shared “Wasted On You.” the first single from the record. The video for the song was shot by each band member on their iPhones while in isolation at their homes. Lee told Music Week that the band wanted to get “back to rocking” following 2017’s Synthesis, a selection of orchestral and electronic reworkings of old material alongside two new tracks. “I don’t want to say our new album is stripped back, because it’s not — it’s big, powerful and luscious,” she explained. “But we haven’t done any orchestra parts on any of the new songs, and that’s not because we couldn’t get together with one because of the pandemic.” Copyright(c) 2020 All Rights Reserved