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Parachute lead singer Will Anderson told Alternative Addiction in a recent interview that the band did not expect the early success they are seeing with their new album "Losing Sleep."

Parachute lead singer Will Anderson says that the band did not expect the early success they are seeing with their new album Losing Sleep that the band released last spring. “It’s done a lot better than I thought it would at this point,” Anderson told Alternative Addiction. “It’s been out for almost half a year now, and we haven’t even gotten to the good singles yet. It’s all on the strength of a song that wasn’t even supposed to be a single.” The single that Anderson is speaking of is of course the band’s hit song “She Is Love” which has helped the band gain opening gigs on tour with Secondhand Scerenade, The Script, and 3 Doors Down. The heavy touring this summer has helped the band to hone their live shows, preparing for their first headlining tour that the band is planning on kicking off early next year. “For us the live shows are something we are feel like we are finally getting the hang of how to play the songs live and the songs that fans want to hear. We are really excited to play every night, and it really shows up there.” The band’s heavy touring hasn’t stopped them from writing new material according to Anderson, although fans shouldn’t expect an album anytime soon. “I write every day, whether it’s for me or somebody else. We have some good stuff down that we are excited about, but nothing concrete yet.” The band will be releasing their second single from the album, the track “Under Control” to radio later this fall, while opening on various tours throughout the end of the year.