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AFI have surprised their fans by dropping a new single, "Get Dark," which will be featured on the band's new album "The Missing Man".

AFI have surprised their fans by dropping a new single, “Get Dark,” which will be featured on the band’s new album The Missing Man. On October, 25, the band had posted a group photo on Twitter, with just the silhouette of frontman Davey Havok, which led to speculation that Havok had left the group. However, the opposite has happened, the group has dropped a new single and have announced a new album as well. “From the initial performance and recording, it had a driving sense of forward movement and penetrating connection,” says Havok about “Get Dark.” “The song’s themes of deification and deference, self-loathing and vanity, captivation and release, damage and healing, are posed in a subtle invitation to those inherently compelled to accept.” “Thanks to the unexpected continuation of ‘The Blood Tour,’ we found ourselves inspired to begin writing. It was during this process that The Missing Man was found.” “The Missing Man – Our new EP is coming your way December 7th. Pre-orders available now:” the band tweeted. The group has also announced two “intimate shows” this December to celebrate the release. The band will perform on December 9 in Sacramento, California at Ace of Spades and on December 10 in San Diego at Observatory. The Missing Man is AFI’s 11th album, which follows 2017’s self-titled album or known as The Blood Album. The Missing Man Track List: 1. Trash Boat 2. Break Angels 3. Back into the Sun 4. Get Dark 5. The Missing Man Copyright(c) 2018 All Rights Reserved