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Nightly just dropped the video for their latest single, "summer."

Nashville-based band Nightly announced their highly anticipated debut album – night, love you – due to release October 16th via BMG Recordings. Comprised of 14 tracks mostly written in quarantine, the album features previously released favorites “the movies” and “not like you,” as well as breakup anthem “you should probably just hang up.” With the announcement of night, love you, Nightly released their latest single “summer,” and now, the band unveiled the official music video. “summer” brings us back to just another ordinary season – one filled with fleeting but memorable summer romances and carefree escapades. “I was channeling these feelings that I get of nostalgia and memories tied to a certain time of year,” frontman Jonathan Capeci explains. With languid vocals and laid back pop melodies bringing us back to feeling “22 and reckless,” the band invites us to enjoy a season filled with sun and fun–despite what’s going on in the world. The song is that distraction we need from the stress of a crazy year, with vocals reminiscent of early Aughts’ pop acts, perfect for enjoying a (socially distant) cocktail hour. “From the beginning we’ve wanted to be an album band. ‘night, love you.’ was the sentiment behind the band name, so in a way this is our semi-self titled debut. It’s deeply personal, and we couldn’t be more proud of this record. All of it was created in Joey’s basement which feels full circle from where we started, making songs in a tiny apartment. All of the songs were written this year with the exception of the closing track which is one of the first songs we ever wrote. We always knew that we wanted to save it for our debut record, now it’s finally yours.” – Jonathan Capeci, Nightly night, love you track list the car you should probably just hang up (how it feels) not like you mess in my head time online whiskey summer older turnpike so sly lose a friend the movies i got so much to tell you