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Bring Me The Horizon's Oli Sykes has confirmed an upcoming collaboration with Yungblud.

Bring Me The Horizon’s Oli Sykes has confirmed an upcoming collaboration with Yungblud. During an interview with MTV Rocks Chart, Sykes confirmed that fans can expect a collaboration in the future, saying, “Yeah we’ve been scheming, we’ve got something coming.” On July 25, Yungblud tweeted Sykes and keyboardist Jordan Fish to check their inbox, hinting at a possible collaboration. “yo @olobersyko @JordanFish86 … check ur inbox,” the tweet read, with Fish jokingly responding, “More nudes?!!” Bring Me The Horizon are currently working on their eight record, called Post Human, which the band said will consist of four EPs that will be released throughout the next year and when combined would make an album. When asked about other possible guests on the forthcoming EPs, Fish said, “We’re going to have four different kinda EPs. With different vibes it gives us a bit more of an opportunity, like whereas on Amo we had three guests there from completely different worlds, I think we might kinda theme our guests a bit more around what’s going on with each EP.” Copyright(c) 2020 All Rights Reserved