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Holly Humberstone has released a haunting cover of Radiohead's seminal track "Fake Plastic Trees."

Holly Humberstone has released a haunting cover of Radiohead’s seminal track “Fake Plastic Trees.” Recorded with just a guitar and her voice, the stripped-down rendition is distinctly her own and radiating with honest emotion. Holly has also released an accompanying performance visual with the cover, paying homage to the song’s 1990’s origins with a VHS home video aesthetic. The track is available now on all digital streaming platforms. “Growing up, my parents had a pretty quirky music taste and I remember listening to lots of Radiohead when I was quite small, particularly their early stuff,” says Holly. “I remember my dad playing Fake Plastic Trees on repeat and telling me it was one of his favourite songs of all time and since then it’s had a bit of a special place in my heart.” Last week, Holly announced that her highly anticipated debut EP is set to arrive on August 14th, 2020 via Platoon. The project was produced by Rob Milton (Easy Life) and created mostly at home in the old, withering country house that Holly grew up in. In addition to her acclaimed trio of singles “Deep End,” “Falling Asleep At The Wheel” and “Overkill,” the self-titled release will feature the three brand new tracks “Drop Dead,” “Vanilla,” and “Livewire.” Holly has gripped audiences across the globe this year, signaling her emergence as one of 2020’s biggest breakthrough artists. Her dark and moody style of music is universally relatable, often embracing and translating life’s most intense emotions and difficult conversations from mental health struggles to the dizzying feelings of falling for someone for the first time.