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ayde Wølf has released, the anthemic and hard-hitting single “Let’s Go.”

Zayde Wølf has released, the anthemic and hard-hitting single “Let’s Go.” “It’s been a heavy start to 2020,” says Zayde Wølf mastermind Dustin Burnett. “I wanted to finish and release this song because I felt like we all needed something fun. I wear black most of the time, but I’m always trying to live in color… Let’s Go!” “Let’s Go” is the first original piece of music from Zayde Wølf this year and is the follow up to the “Reimagined” series that saw Burnett reinventing some of his biggest hits, including “New Blood (Reimagined)” and “Oblivion (Reimagined).” Doing the “Reimagined Series” helped Burnett break through a bout of writer’s block opening up a new well of creativity. “Last year I hit one of those songwriting walls,” says Burnett on how the concept of the series started. “I couldn’t get over it. No new idea seemed compelling. I was listening to a lot of soundtracks and started writing mini orchestral type themes and song ideas and mixing those with my older songs. The best news is that these reimagined songs have helped me break out of the creativity slump” The release “Let’s Go” kicks off what will be a prolific year for Burnett, with news multiple songs and two full EP’s planned for release this year. With ZAYDE WØLF, Burnett has built a reputation for music that inspires, motivates and most importantly connects. His latest full-length album Modern Alchemy charted in over 25 countries on the iTunes overall charts and debuted in the top ten Alternative charts here in the U.S. Since he started releasing music just a few short years ago, the ZAYDE WØLF has grown to 203K YouTube subscribers, 63 million views, and his music has been streamed over 25 million times.