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Arkells have released their first new piece of music since the 2018 album, "Rally Cry."

Arkells have released their first new piece of music since their 2018 critically-accclaimed album, Rally Cry. They just put out a new single called “Years in the Making.” The single is available now on all major streaming services. Additionally, Arkells have released a video for the song too. You can check that out below. Arkells Max Kerman says, “You never know when the universe will deliver a tune from the song gods, but “Years In The Making” arrived just when we needed it. It leans on a question we keep coming back to: How do we conceive of everything we’ve been through, and shape it to offer some love and hope? “Years In The Making” is meant to encourage us to find ways to embrace the bumps in the road, because all of our challenges are ultimately there to help us work towards the dream – whatever that may be. Most importantly, the song is meant to viscerally offer our bodies all the moves to play it live. Thank you to all of our inspirations that drive us forward. The reward is this A+ banger.” Arkells – known for their DIY spirit and commitment to shine a light on social programs and community initiatives – continued their brand of social advocacy with a recent campaign to rally support for local journalism. Earlier this month, the band launched an initiative encouraging fans to “stop running from the paywall” and subscribe to print and digital journalism – a shrinking industry plagued by economic challenges in the current “freemium” culture. Arkells gifted free custom shop t-shirts to fans in exchange for proof of a new year-long subscription, submitted via Arkells’ website. The band is currently fulfilling hundreds of orders in an effort they hope can support a paradigm shift when it comes to recognizing that valued reporting should be paid for.