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Zayde Wølf is starting out 2020 with the second release of his “reimagined” series, “New Blood (reimagined).”

Zayde Wølf is starting out 2020 with the second release of his “reimagined” series, “New Blood (reimagined).” The original version of “New Blood,” released in 2016 has garnered over 25 million streams, and continues to be one of Zayde Wølf’s top tracks across all streaming platforms and has been heard in numerous TV shows, commercials, trailers and films. The reimagined series sees Zayde Wølf mastermind Dustin Burnett reinterpreting some of his most beloved songs. “Last year I hit one of those songwriting walls,” says Burnett on how the concept of the series started. “I couldn’t get over it. No new idea seemed compelling. I was listening to alot of soundtracks and started writing mini orchestral type themes and song ideas and mixing those with my older songs. The best news is that these reimagined songs have helped me break out of the creativity slump and I have some new singles that I’m finishing up as well.” With ZAYDE WØLF, Burnett has built a reputation for music that inspires, motivates and most importantly connects. His latest full-length album Modern Alchemy charted in over 25 countries on the iTunes overall charts and debuted in the top ten Alternative charts here in the U.S. Since he started releasing music just a few short years ago, ZAYDE WØLF has gained 200K YouTube subscribers, 61 million views, and his music has been streamed over 25 million times. His musical success has lead placements in hundreds of films, TV shows, trailers, commercials, and video games. The list includes Shameless, Skyscraper movie, Love-Simon movie, the Jack Reacher 2, The Maze Runner 3, Pride Prejudice & Zombies, spots for UFC, MLB, NFL, Dodge, Jeep, WWE, Xbox, NBA, and more. Burnett has also creatively expanded his reach by cultivating relationships with partners such as Dude Perfect, one of the top YouTube sports channels with over 40 Million subscribers and 7 Billion views. “I get all these emails, sometimes one a week,” Burnett told Billboard, “with all these stories about how the music has moved people in some way. I wanted to continue to make music for people to be inspired by.” In addition to Zayde Wølf, Burnett is also the co-owner of a drum sample and loops company called that Sound that has gone on to serve nearly 50,000 customers in over 30 countries around the world. This year the company has joined forces with the leading platform for music creation, Splice, whose users include over 3 million musicians — from Top 40 hitmakers to bedroom producers. The partnership enables That Sound to provide their signature sounds to Splice’s expansive global user base of music makers and creatives.