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The Indie Song of the Day comes from trio FAM - check out their new single, "Soar."

The Indie Song of the Day comes from Tampa trio FAM – check out their new single, “Soar.” The band’s official bio: “So, we are just a band that’s all about bringing people together and trying to make them feel close, like family. We’re people who you can bring your problems to. People who want to feel your energy and share an experience. People who you can scream at and have scream with you and know there’s something real left in the world. We’re just trying to get something right, and maybe the more people with us, the better the odds. Oh, and we play rock music, I guess.” And hey, there’s a pretty neat story behind the artwork of the band’s new single, “Soar.” “While we were at the airport taking photos for this release, we met a family watching the planes take off. The father was going away for a few months to pursue his calling, and his son was with him saying goodbye. They let us take some pictures with them and our paper airplanes, and the moment that resulted we felt was perfect for the song. We are all on this winding and open ended journey to somewhere, and wherever that may be we swear you’ll find it. Just keep knocking down self-doubt every chance you get. Just keep living and dreaming and doing.”