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After recently "burying the hatchet," Noel and Liam Gallagher seem to be fighting again.

After recently “burying the hatchet,” Noel and Liam Gallagher seem to be fighting again. The new beef kicked off on Liam’s Twitter feed. While the real inspiration is unknown, Liam may have responded badly to a recent Noel interview on the U.K. podcast Sodajerker, where he slammed artists who’ve collaborated with multiple co-songwriters. In particular, Noel named “our kid” (Liam), the Verve’s Richard Ashcroft, Ed Sheeran, and “the little fella outta f****n’ One Direction.” The podcast was recorded in November. “Dig me out all day long rkid but Richard Ashcroft pisses all over you and the 2 Ronnie’s every day of the wk as you were LG x,” Liam tweeted. “People want to go there they’ll find me waiting . . . Read his interview you find he went there . . . He wasn’t moaning about who wrote what in the 90s when I was making him rich and famous he’s full of s**t.” “What about the truce[?]” inquired one fan. “F**k the truce,” Liam replied. Copyright(c) 2018 All Rights Reserved