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Progressive Russian metal band Next Door To Heaven has been around since 2014 was founded by Eugene Mazunova and Daria Mazunova.

The band released their new single, “Exit Station” late last year and it’s a sensitive and positive reminder that although there are tough times in life, once we remember our certainty and clarity at the start of our journey, everything becomes clear again. One of the band’s big accomplishments was being one of the semi-finalists of Emergenza Festival and they made their way onto Google’s top selling alternative albums with their debut record in April of 2016. Since then they’ve released two more singles and they’re currently hard at work on their sophomore album that’s slated to be released this year alongside of a tour. The song “Exit Station” represents them as musicians far better than their early work. The band says: It’s a mixture of progressive music, positive vibe and sensitiveness.