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Misterwives talked with Alternative Addiction about the band's new EP, the band forming in New York, and their early success.

There’s a silliness to Misterwives that’s refreshing. The quintet out of New York is happy with where they are, on the cusp of a big year in 2014, but they’re not taking things too seriously. That starts with their overly-giddy vocalist Mandy Lee and then spreads down to the four guys in the band- William Hehir, Etiene Bowler, Marc Campbell, and yes… Dr. Blum. Recently, Lee, Bowler, and Hehir took a few minutes to talk with Alternative Addiction about how the band found each other in New York, their new Reflections EP, and what things have been like for the band since gaining some notoriety inside of the music community. “It was all very random,” started a cheery Lee. “I work at a restaurant in the city and so did Etiene. “We worked a block away from each other and we’d go into each other’s restaurant to eat. You get pretty sick of your own food where you work. We’d always talk about music. At the time I was playing music with Will because we were roommates and we’d jam for the fun of it. I invited Etiene to a rehearsal and we started recording. Then we decided to play live shows and we invited two former bandmates to start playing with us and it really took one rehearsal to decide that we were doing was something that really worked.” Rehearsals led to the band making their own music with Etiene producing in his home studio. “A majority of this was made in a bedroom with a closet being the vocal booth. Every song but Reflections we self-produced. Etiene is an incredible producer. Before we all moved in together, we’d make the music in his old bedroom. Then we moved into a three bedroom apartment and we made one of the rooms into a studio. For Reflections (the song) we got to work with a producer named Frequency and we got to record in a big shiny studio for that, which was awesome,” added Mandy. What they were able to make themselves and with the help of Frequency is a very good six song EP. There are a lot of early believers in the music out there, including iTunes. “Reflections” was the free single of the week a couple of weeks ago and since then a steady stream of people have flocked to Misterwives. “We’re pinching ourselves right now. I remember the first time we got 100 plays on SoundCloud. It’s crazy to see it grow. It’s happened pretty organically. We did the SoundCloud ourselves and we made all of that music ourselves. Then the label came out to our show last February and they offered us a record deal. It hasn’t happened too fast but at the same time it has. We expected things to take a couple of years, the fact that it’s taken under a year is pretty mind-blowing.”