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Unsigned Canadian rock band Looking For Heather has reunited after a five year hiatus and tentatively plans to release a new 11 song album entitled "Forever Starting Over" in March of 2009.

Unsigned Canadian rock band Looking For Heather has reunited after a five year hiatus. They tentatively plan to release a new 11 song album, Forever Starting Over, in March of 2009. Lead singer Jeff Gutteridge has been fronting another band, Red Light Green, for the past few years during the hiatus.The band’s reunion was something that both Gutteridge and his former band mate, bassist Jay Bowes, always knew would happen. It wasn’t until Gutteridge’s mother was diagnosed with cancer that he began to reconsider some of the choices he’d made in his life. “In March, my mom fell ill with cancer and that got me thinking about what was important in life. I reconnected with Jay and we started hanging out and playing songs for each other, the way we used to,” Gutteridge told Alternative Addiction. “My mom lost her battle with cancer in June, and that really put a focus in us to just make some uplifting music and go for it one more time.” Gutteridge joked that Forever Starting Over is an apt title for the album, as it sums up their career. He contributed some songs that he had originally written for his other band. He and Looking For Heather guitarist Randy Solski were both members of Red Light Green. “Jay also has some awesome songs that will be on this album,” said Gutteridge. “This is very much a collaborative effort of all three of us.” Looking For Heather debuted on Alternative Addiction in 2002, and had the song “Good To Feel Down” featured on the Addiction V.1