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Papa Roach are hard at work preparing to release their next album "Metamorphosis" to be released in '09. Lead singer Jacoby Shaddix says the band set out to make an album that could be considered "the rock record of the decade."

Papa Roach’s last album, The Paramour Sessions, gave the band a new look and sound. For their latest album, the band looked to the past. They looked back to their success with The Paramour Sessions, as well as some classic albums to try and set goals for themselves with making the new album, Metamorphosis. For this album the band wrote some songs at the Paramour again, but with a different attitude, and this time they set some pretty high goals.”Really our goal for this new record was to make the rock record of the decade. That was our goal when we were in the Paramour,” lead singer Jacoby Shaddix told Alternative Addiction in a recent interview. “We were listening to all the classic records going ‘we want to make a record of this caliber.’ That was our intention, was to make the best record that we could ever make.”A sneak peak of the album was given to fans in October with a free download of the video “Hollywood Whore.” The new video is still available to watch on imeem here. The song gives fans a small taste of the new album in what Shaddix says is the ‘tip of the iceburg’ with Metamorphosis.According to Shaddix, some of those classic albums that the band was listening to include Guns ‘n’ Roses’ Appetite for Destruction, Pink Floyd’s The Wall, and a lot of AC/DC. Even though the music provided inspiration for the band, Shaddix wanted to make it clear that in fact that is all the records were-inspiration.”[We listened to those albums], not necessarily trying to rip shit off, but thinking how those records spoke to us and how they made us feel.”Shaddix said what impressed the band so much about the albums was not great individual songs, but the entire album from start to finish, something the band set out to accomplish on their new record.“The thing about those albums is they wouldn’t be classic records if they were sold as singles. That’s our intention for this record, we don’t want people to go and buy a song off of this album, we want people to go and get this record because it’s solid.”Papa Roach’s new album Metamorphosis is the follow up album to the successful Paramour Sessions, one of the better mainstream-rock albums of 2007. Expect the release of Metamorphosis in the first quarter of 2009.