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While still touring for the band's previous release, OneRepublic lead singer Ryan Tedder says he wrote much of the band's new album "Waking Up" literally all over the world.

After the breakout success of their major label debut Dreaming Out Loud, OneRepublic lead singer and songwriter Ryan Tedder was forced with the daunting task of following up the stellar debut. Unlike most bands that spend years working on their follow up, Tedder couldn’t wait to get started and in fact began writing while the band was still wrapping up their tour last year. “I think it was September or October, we were in a hotel room in Luxemburg and I stepped out and started writing what would become ‘All The Right Moves,’” Tedder told Alternative Addiction in a recent interview. “I think I worked on it until like six in the morning. That’s how the album started, and that set the tone for the rest of the record.” That was only the beginning for Tedder, as he would write another half dozen songs all over the country, while stopped in places like London, Hamburg, and even Tokyo. “I bring my laptop and hard drives pretty much everywhere I go, so I basically bring a small studio with me when I travel,” said Tedder. “I wrote half the album literally, all over the world.” Tedder admitted that many times the places he wrote in were probably not the ideal setting for song writing, but he wasn’t about to let that stop him from writing the new material. “A lot of writers have to incense or candles, and create this mood, and to have that would be great, but this is my job and for me I had to be able to go into that creative space anywhere, even if I am sitting cramped on a flight, otherwise stuff just doesn’t get done.” Tedder says he drew inspiration from the different cultures he visited around the world, but when it came time to record the album he decided to stick close to home, renting a house in the band’s hometown of Denver. “We recorded the tracks in different rooms in the house,” said Tedder of the recording process. “That gave the album a very organic feel, it doesn’t sound like it was recorded in a studio…has its own sort of vibe to it.” The album, titled Waking Up is due out November 17th, which the band will support with a full tour, although Tedder was unsure as to how long into 2010 the band will continue to tour behind the record. “I wish I could live in the future, like six months, nine months from now just to see how everything goes,” said Tedder. “I’d love to tour behind this record until this time next year and then be done, so we can be home around Christmas next year and start working on a new record.” OneRepublic is set to head out on tour with Rob Thomas later this month, followed by European dates opening for James Morrison. A full headlining tour is also being put together for the band in 2010.