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In a recent interview with Alternative Addiction, Rev Theory guitarist Julien Jorgensen says the title of the band's upcoming new album, Justice, contains multiple meanings.

For their new album, Justice, due out early next year, Rev Theory guitarist Julien Jorgensen says the album’s title contains multiple meanings. “Everyone has their own personal battles and daemons in their own life and are looking for their own Justice and that is who we are hoping relate to this song,” Jorgensen tells Alternative Addiction. In addition, Jorgensen says that the album, and more specifically the title track, is a battle cry for the lack of respect the band has gotten over the years. “We’ve battled for eight years as a band and we’ve gotten to this point, the song was actually sort of cathartic for us as a band,” said Jorgensen. “We felt like we hadn’t gotten the respect that we deserved as a band on radio.” Jorgensen said the band was also in battle to stay true to their rock sound, and not give in to the pressures to change to a more mainstream pop sound. “We are finding there is such a disconnect between pop and rock now, at the end of the day we are not a pop band, we never claimed to be,” explained Jorgensen. “Majors might try to change us over to that because it’s going to sell more records, but people that support rock want us to be a real rock band.” Justice, the band’s second major label album, is due out February 15, 2011 and was produced by Terry Date.