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Shinedown guitarist Zach Myers says the band is working on a new album that they plan to record this summer. The band has 14 tracks done but does not plan to release the album until 2012.

Shinedown guitarist Zach Myers has revealed that the band is currently hard at work on a new album and plan to hit the studio this summer. While speaking with, Myers said they have about 14 new tracks written for the album, but they’re certainly in no rush to get it finished. “We aren’t a band that goes into the studio and makes a record in six weeks. The Sound Of Madness [their 2008 release] took 24 months to write. [Frontman] Brent [Smith] has this weird thing when we’re writing, we go into the studio, and there are no clocks around; there are no calendars on the wall. He doesn’t like to have a time limit on being creative,” Myers explains of the band’s creative process. And though Myers says they won’t release the album until 2012, fans can catch him playing on his debut solo tour. Myers is joined by his friend Chris Allen for the acoustic dates on which he will play his own solo material and a few of Shinedown’s lesser-known tracks.