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Noel Gallagher has admitted that he did distort the details surrounding Oasis' breakup in 2009. The news comes after his brother Liam threatened legal action, claiming Noel had lied about the band's final days.

Noel Gallagher has admitted that he lied about some details of Oasis’s breakup in 2009. In a Facebook webchat with fans on Monday, the singer conceded that his brother Liam was suffering from laryngitis when the band canceled what would have been their final concert at the Chelmsford V festival. Liam announced last week that he was suing his brother over comments made in the press at the time alleging that he had dropped out of the gig due to a hangover. “I am used to being called all sort of things by Noel and I have in the past said things about him, but what Noel has alleged this time went way beyond rock-and-roll banter and questioned my professionalism,” Liam said in a statement announcing his legal action. “I tried to resolve this amicably but have been left with no choice but legal action. All I want is an apology.” Noel did apologize in the Facebook chat, but rather indirectly. “If he gets offended by my opinions on such things then, you know, I apologise,” he said. “But it’s all getting very silly and a little bit out of hand and it’s not very cool. But there you go.”