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The Kings of Leon guitarist needed to get into a house he owns. The doors were locked so Followills solution was to crash his car through the garage.

Jared Followill of Kings of Leon and Nick Brown from Mona had a crazy night getting into an uninhabited home that Followill owns. All the doors were locked so Followill’s solution was to crash his car through the garage. Apparently all of this went down on Tuesday night. The Kings of Leon guitarist – who actually purchased his neighbor’s house, which is now uninhabited – Tweeted that the crash was actually done on a dare. “I wasn’t drinking,” he said. “It was a dare. I obliged my audience. The house is going to be demolished in a couple of weeks. Why does the construction company get to have all the fun?” He added: “All the doors were locked & it seemed like the best option to get inside after @nickbrownMONA punched all the windows out & cut his hand.” He then said of his car: “Ran my SUV through my neighbor’s garage door at 2am. Lucky me, I bought the house a couple weeks ago. Unlucky me, my hood is destroyed.” The band was recently forced to cancel the remainder of its summer tour after Followill left the stage to vomit in Dallas, prompting rumors of an alcohol abuse problem. Copyright(c) 2011 All Rights Reserved