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Occupy Wall Street was hoaxed into thinking that Radiohead would stop by and perform a concert for them. When the band didn't show up for the rumored but twittered gig, Occupy Wall Street's spokesman Patrick Bruner had to issue an apology.

Radiohead were a no-show at a rumored Occupy Wall Street concert slated for Zuccotti Park in New York City on Friday. The rumors began when an email was sent to the organizers of the Wall Street protests which claimed that the band “wanted to stop by and play a couple songs” on Friday, after which the organizers publicized the news through means including Twitter, noting: “Radiohead will play a surprise show for #occupywallstreet today at four in the afternoon.” However, the band did not appear at the park as promised, forcing Occupy Wall Street’s spokesman, Patrick Bruner, to issue an apology in which he admitted he was the victim of a hoax email by someone claiming to be Bryce Edge, one of Radiohead’s managers. Said Bruner: “I got hoaxed. Radiohead was never confirmed. Completely our fault. Apologies. The band were victims in this hoax as well.” The band added on Twitter: “We wish the best of luck to the protesters there, but contrary to earlier rumours, we will not be appearing today at #occupywallstreet.” Copyright(c) 2011 All Rights Reserved