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Dave Grohl has stepped in temporarily as Cage The Elephant's fill in drummer for a handful of shows this week while their full time drummer, Jared Champion recovers from appendicitis.

Dave Grohl helped out a band in need when he took over drumming duties for Cage The Elephant on Monday night. The band was slated to play in Salt Lake City, Utah when drummer Jared Champion’s appendix burst. According to guitarist Lincoln Parish: “He had an ulcer for a couple days, then at 1 A.M. it was just unbearable, so he went to the emergency room. He was rushed straight into surgery.” Grohl heard the news through the band’s manager and offered to help by filling in for Champion, and joined the band for five songs. Said Parish of the experience: “I had to pinch myself. I turned around and Dave Grohl is playing the drums. It’s an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Nobody can replace Jared. But it’s Dave f*****g Grohl. If you’re going to be replaced by anybody, it might as well be the best.” Grohl is likely to replace Champion at the Kentucky rock group’s shows until October 17, when Champion is expected to rejoin the band. Copyright(c) 2011 All Rights Reserved