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EVE6 is almost done recording and now they're ramping things up to release their first album since 2003. Expect the new album to be released early in 2012.

EVE6 is almost done recording and now they’re ramping things up to release their first album since “It’s All In Your Head”, they’ll be releasing the album in 2012 at some point in the first quarter or the beginning of the second. There’s no firm time-table on the album’s release but for what it’s worth, EVE6 drummer Tony Fagenson says the band has done what they can do. “We are just about done. We’re in the mixing stage right now. We’ve got about half of them mixed, we’re kind of tweaking those a little bit and the other half of them are still to be mixed” said Fagenson. “But all of the heavy lifting is done so it’s feeling really great. We couldn’t be more excited about it. We think it’s a really strong album from song to song, start to finish. And I really think people are going to get something from it.” As for what fans of the band can expect with this record; Will it be like the band’s last album “It’s All in Your Head” or will it beckon more closely to how the band did things before that album? In Fagenson’s opinion, he says this album is turning out to sound more similar to what the band did on “Horroscope.” “I think if I were to be honest it would be a little bit more of a return to a “Horroscope” sound. “It’s All In Your Head” was sort of a rawer record.” Fagenson continued, “We stripped away a lot of the additional production that we had put on “Horroscope” to show a different side of the band and to show more of what we sound like live. It was a great record and we loved it but that was a statement of that time for us. Coming back now, we’re going into a different direction again where we’re incorporating a little more of the production elements and keyboards and things. But it’s definitely an EVE6 record. I don’t think any longtime fan of the band will have any doubts about that. It’s got all of the things that people like about the band. Max spits his words out in his special way that only he can do and we really tried our hardest to make the best melodies and best songs to bring the most impact in everything. John’s guitars are rocking and I think it’s just a really fun record and every song has a little bit of something to offer so we’re really excited about that.” EVE6 fans can be excited because the spirit of where the band was at when they recorded was captured the way it was supposed to be. “On this record we did a lot of rehearsal. Once we all returned to the fold we were just rehearsing all of the time. We definitely had a lot of that old-school mentality of sweating it out in the rehearsal room, working stuff out, getting it feeling good there” said Fagenson. “We did that because records these days aren’t made that way anymore. We weren’t trying to make an old school record by any means, but we wanted the core of that- the three of us playing together- to be the foundation of which the whole record was built.” Still, don’t expect the same EVE6 album. “It’s been eight years since we recorded an album together” said the EVE6 drummer. “Obviously a lot has changed and we’ve all grown and gotten some more experience under our belts outside of the band. All of those things come into play from all of us so I think we’re really bringing the best of what each of us can do to the table.“