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Nashville’s ZAYDE WØLF has released the epic and powerful single “Rule the World,”

Nashville’s ZAYDE WØLF has released the epic and powerful single “Rule the World,” available on all digital services worldwide. This relatively new project, conceived by producer and songwriter Dustin Burnett, started from one song just over two years ago. From that first song, ZAYDE WØLF has slowly but surely started to take over the world. The proof is in small empire that has been built one song at a time, and that has now grown to 430,000 Spotify monthly listeners with over 22 Million streams, over 9 million YouTube views and 74,000 subscribers, and hundreds on placements in film, TV, trailers, commercials, video games and more. “Rule the World” is the latest single from ZAYDE WØLF’s forthcoming sophomore album Modern Alchemy due out this summer. The album name, derived from the medieval chemistry of converting poor metals into gold, is about pushing yourself into something greater than where you came from or how people may have defined you. This is a topic very close to home from Burnett, who grew up in Metropolis, a small town in Illinois best known for its fictional son, Clark Kent. The riverfront factory town is a shell of what it used to be, and the level of success Burnett has achieved, both personally and professionally, is beyond what anything he ever imagined. “Rule the World” contains ZAYDE WØLF’s signature anthemic chorus’ and powerful cinematic drums. Conceptually the song deals with the complications around the idea of the American Dream. In a culture of oversharing, we have a tendency to compare ourselves to others and their achievements, dangling that unreachable carrot of “success” in front of our faces. The irony here, and of the American Dream in general, is that the real achievement is in the journey and the struggle.