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Wild Party's Lincoln Kreifels talked with Alternative Addiction about the band's new song and they're new relaxed approach.

Wild Party is back. The Texas-based band was away for a bit; they released their debut album Phantom Pop in 2014 and toured in support of it. After they got done touring, the plan was to take a break and then get back at it, only Lincoln Kreifels and the guys lived life at home and a little break turned into a big one. “It was a variety of things, but the two most important thing was my family,” said Kreifels about the band’s break when talking to Alternative Addiction recently. “We still wrote constantly and recorded demos here in Texas. We spent too much time on the road over the past 5-6 years before the break. We were just kind of worn out and we needed a good break and then it just went on a little longer than we expected.” Now, the band is back to releasing music. Their first dip back into the water is their new single “Recipe.” “We released it independently. We didn’t have a marketing plan or anything, we just believed in the music. We thought, why not? Let’s just put it out there and see what happens,” added the Wild Party vocalist. “Lucas wrote that song almost entirely without me. The only thing I contributed were the chorus melody and the lyrics to the chorus melody. We collaborated on most of the lyrics. Melodically he had that one figured out already.” So far, the band’s social network following has responded well to the track and every day it seems like somebody who forgot about the band over the past few years is remembering them and falling in love with their music all over again. Hopefully, that encourages Wild Party to jump head first into releasing new music in 2019, but at the very least it sounds like we’ll get a couple more songs this year. “We have quite a few unreleased finalized tracks that are ready to go,” explained Lincoln. “We record at Lucas’s studio and we take them to Ethan and that’s where we get the final versions. We have a few songs that are ready to go, but we have some demos that we’re excited about. We don’t have a set release in mind because we’re trying to keep an open mind about how soon and what we should release.”