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Alternative Addiction recently talked with Diana Studenberg from Trope about the challenges with the music and how the group got together.

Trope, a four-piece art rock act from Toronto are starting to turn heads with their latest single “Lambs.” The song is the first song they’ve released and it’s just the beginning for what should be a very promising venture for vocalist Diana Studenberg and guitarist/producer Dave Thompson who started the band back in 2015. Alternative Addiction recently talked with Studenberg about how she and Thompson started the group together and the difficulty of some of the music. “I met Dave in Toronto,” began Studenberg in the interview. “When I first started working with Dave it was for my own material. It wasn’t in the context of a band. It was him as a producer and me as the artist. He was going to produce me. Then, when I went to record the stuff that I had been working on, he showed me what he had been working on and I loved it way more. I felt inspired to work with him on that together and we formed the band together. It was weird how it happened, but I’m glad for the opportunity.” Thompson is a well-respected name in the business, especially in Canada and he’s immensely talented as both a guitarist and a producer. Judging by what he’s come up with Trope so far, what he showed Studenberg in that studio session had to be impressive. You can listen to “Lambs” and you instantly know that It was done by someone who really knows what he’s doing from a technical standpoint. Talking with Studenberg about the material, we asked her how challenging some of it. “It’s extremely difficult. There’s so much diversity in the songs and in the energy throughout the record that it’s hard to shift gears into the different emotional spaces to embody them fully in the moment. There’s also a lot of key changes and that’s challenging too. This stuff isn’t easy, but I love it. It takes effort and practice. Writing took a lot of work, so rehearsing takes a lot of work too.” So far, the band has released just one song, but there’s plenty more on the way. Look for Trope to release a couple of songs between now and the spring of 2019, when hopefully the band will have a full album ready to be released.