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Trapt finished up its Sound Off tour recently with its final stop in Las Vegas. Alternative Addiction caught up with Trapt bassist Peter Charell before the show to talk about the band's plans for 2011.

With its signature “Headstrong” as its final song, Trapt wrapped up its “Sound Off” tour recently with Las Vegas in December as the final stop in the show. The band toured in support of their latest record titled “No Apologies,” which was released in October and produced “Sound Off” as the first single for the album. Now what? Trapt bassist Peter Charell said the band will be off for a few months, and is uncertain when the band will be out on tour in 2011. “We will be touring next year, I’m just not really sure when that will be,” Charell told Alternative Addiction backstage at a recent show. “The tour was good. It’s been a blast. The last tour we did was Papa Roach’s tour, it wasn’t our crowd, but it was a great crowd every night. This tour is our own thing. We’ve been able to play some of our new tracks which the fans have really been into. We’re really proud of this new album. It’s fun to play the new stuff always, but more so this time around because we’re really excited about. They’re fun songs to play live too. It’s a little heavier.” Some of the new music that worked its way into the set list were the songs, “Sound Off,” “Stranger in the Mirror,” “Get Up,” “End of my Rope,” and “Overloaded.” “It’s tough to choose from that many songs. You want to play more songs than you have time to play,” Charell explained. “I know everyone is really happy with the last record. It felt really good recording this last album. It was everything I wanted it to be I think is what it ended up being.” The Sound Off tour started off in Oregon, went to Florida, with stops in Texas, Arizona, Utah and Nevada, before they headed home to California. Charell admits he’s never really sure which songs will strike a chord with radio or fans, but hopes that the band’s new music will get some air time. “There are always songs on each album that we’re really big fans of and sometimes they don’t even get to radio,” Charell said. “Last album we had a ballad called ‘Ready when you are.’ We all thought it was going to be… but we never even got to that song. The one (album) before there was a song called ‘Victim.'”