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Alternative Addiction talked with TDR guitarist Andrew Davis about the band’s inception and their new video, “Grew Up in the Country”

Comprised of brothers James & Frank Ford, Andrew Davis, and Ben Crain – Them Dirty Roses is a Nashville-based, Alabama born band that’s oozes southern rock. Yes, they’ve got somewhat of an identity problem now with a bit of a country thing going on too, but here’s the thing… When you see and hear a band – most of the time you know if they have that indescribable but undeniable feature that most acts don’t – “it”. Whatever “it” is, these guys have that going for them, no matter what genre they push forward in. Recently, Alternative Addiction talked with guitarist Andrew Davis about the band’s inception and their new video, “Grew Up in the Country” “Frank and James are brothers so they’ve known each other for a while”, explained a laughing and amused Davis. “James used to be a drummer in a band that had some local success in Alabama. That band broke up, and he decided that he didn’t want to be in a situation where he was at the mercy of a lead singer quitting. He talked Frank into learning to play the drums and then Ben and I were friends of both of those guys and we came along and joined up too.” When the band got together, that was years ago but they didn’t start taking things seriously until they made the move up to Nashville to chase their dreams of playing music for a living. “In 2014, we all moved to Nashville after James had been there for a year or so. He talked us into moving basically saying – ‘hey, if we’re going to do this, this is the place to do it.’ So, Frank, Ben, and I moved up to live in the same place James was at. Here’s the thing though, there was only one bedroom available to move into. So, we move into this building and we shared a room with three air mattresses for three months before we got kicked out. We moved around from couch to couch after that, then eventually we found a house and got stabilized. We’ve lived in that same house and had this same base of operations ever since.” Their base of operations is in Nashville, but the place they call home is, and will always be, Gadsden, Alabama. They go back regularly and they even filmed their last music video there for their song “Grew Up in The Country.” “It was a lot of fun to go back down there. We got everyone stoked for being in a video and everything kind of fit together. We did the performance pieces in the video at our hometown venue. Then, for the rest of the video we got 50-60 extras from our friends and family and we had a giant bonfire party. Don’t get me wrong, we had to work. But the audience… they didn’t have to do too much other than just look and act excited to be at the party. It was a pretty good time.” You can check out the video for “Grew Up in The Country” by Them Dirty Roses below.