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The Wild Feathers' Taylor Burns talked with Alternative Addiction about the band's rep for their live show and about getting into the studio to record their sophomore album. Read on to hear what the charismatic vocalist had to say about both.

The Wild Feathers started a brand new North American Fall tour earlier this month with The Apache Relay and Desert Noises, the tour continues through November 21st. After playing in Europe and overseas for awhile, the band is back home promoting their self-titled debut album for Warner Bros. That debut album is definitely an important part of the band’s existence, but they’ve earned their reputation as a live band during this record cycle and that’s something that frontman Taylor Burns and the rest of the Wild Feathers can really hang their hats on. “All of our favorite bands… they’re live bands,” said Burns talking with Alternative Addiction. “I’m a Black Crowes fanatic. I’ve seen them like ten times. You never know what you’re going to get when you go to a show, but they always do their set different and they always sound great. That’s what we aspire to be. We’re obviously a little limited with just one record, but we take pride in being a live band and being able to pull our music off live.” If the Wild Feathers were limited with what they could do in their live show, fans haven’t noticed. That being said, the band will look to record a new album in 2015 and those self-diagnosed limitations will be no more. When asked about that new album and what we can expect from that, Burns had a couple of things in mind for the group. “I’m excited for that, maybe not as much as the other guys, but I’m still excited. I love how our first record sounds, but moving forward I know we want to be a little more experimental. We want to push ourselves more creatively. We want this next record to be less polished than this last one too. We want to make this album sound how we sound live and we want this music to really push ourselves and what people think of us.” You can see if your city is on the band’s list of upcoming tour dates at