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After a hiatus in 2007 to recapture their heavier sound, Staind's latest album contained a number of melodic songs, including the current hit "All I Want"-a song that the band says they almost discarded for being too melodic.

Leading up to the release of their latest album and talking for months about how the band would return to their heavier sound on The Illusion of Progress, it seems Staind lead singer Aaron Lewis has had a change of heart. This is due in large part to the success of their latest single ‘All I Want,’ which Lewis says the band almost didn’t put on the album. “It’s a little bit poppier than we would normally write,” Lewis said of the song during an interview with The Pulse of Radio. “We contemplated whether we were even going to continue with it as an idea.” When the song was completed, the band had a bit of a change of heart and decided to include the track.”When it was finished, nobody could really deny the fact that it was a really good, catchy song,” said Lewis. The song might turn out to be one of the most successful the band has had since their breakout disc Break The Cycle was released in 2001. This change of heart regarding their sound comes as somewhat of a surprise, as Lewis’ comments in 2006 led fans to believe the band was returning to a heavier sound. In addition to his duties with Staind, Lewis is also scheduled to head out on his annual solo acoustic tour during the first two weeks of January, mostly performing at casinos. He plans to record his debut solo album in April and May of 2009, when he has set aside some time from the band’s schedule to get into the studio by himself.