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Landon Jacobs from Sir Sly talked with Alternative Addiction about the band's upcoming tour with The 1975 and their work on their debut album for Interscope.

There’s a quiet confidence that defines Landon Jacobs, the frontman of L.A.’s Sir Sly. It’s not boisterous or cocky, it’s just a matter-of-fact stance that comes off as refreshing. Hearing the songsmith behind Sir Sly talk about what he wants out of the group and how he knew things were working for them, doesn’t define him – far from it – but it does define his passion in music. Jacobs hasn’t climbed the mountain he wants to climb, but he’s not at the base either; Sir Sly has started their ascent, but there are a number of big challenges in their way before they reach their goal of sharing their music with as many people as possible. Sir Sly signed to Interscope last year, and so far they’ve released an EP, Gold