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Sir Sly have released a stirring new song called "All Your Love" via Interscope Records. The song was produced by Billy Corgan.

Sir Sly have released a stirring new song called “All Your Love” via Interscope Records. The song shares a journey of personal maturation and getting sober through honest lyrics, mesmerizing melodies and haunting instrumentation. The song was co-written and co-produced by Billy Corgan who also plays bass on the track. Sir Sly lead singer and guitarist Landon Jacobs said of the track, “From the moment Billy started playing this bass riff, I knew this song had something special in it. I’ve had a lot of personal growth over the last year and 4 months of sobriety, but I wrote this song in a moment that I was feeling very upside down. Fires had been raging around LA, and my daily commutes had started to take on a more ominous feel. Connection with others has been very healing for me in this new, healthier phase of life, so in these uncertain and isolated times, I found some encouragement listening back to this song. This period of social distancing has been taxing on my mental health, disruptive to a lot of the healthy schedules I’ve built up, and emotionally draining, but listening to this song reminded me of a time that I took purposeful steps towards seeking connection and help. Those types of connection look different in these moments of social distancing, but I can still choose connection even when it feels clumsy, I don’t need to be a pig in the proverbial shit of utter isolation.” Consisting of Jacobs (Vocals and Guitar), Jason Suwito (Keys) and Hayden Coplen (Drums) Sir Sly was formed by the three friends in Southern California in 2012. The band released their debut album You Haunt Me with the hit single, “Gold” in 2014 which introduced them to new fans around the world. In 2017 Sir Sly released their sophomore album, Don’t You Worry, Honey that produced two more hits. Both songs, “High” and “&Run” spent several successful weeks on both Billboard’s Rock chart and Alternative chart where it reached #1.