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Sevendust will return on April 20th with the band's new album Cold Day Memory. The new album marks the band's first new release since the return of their longtime guitarist Clint Lowery.

When guitarist Clint Lowery left Sevendust during the middle of a tour in 2004 to join his brother Corey in the band Dark New Day, the tour continued and so did the group. The band put out three more records without Lowery, but the years apart helped defuse the tension and narrowed the gap on their differences. “I just reconnected with the guys after being gone so long. We wanted to be friends. We talked about a couple things that went down when I left,” Lowery told Alternative Addiction. “Once we did that we just felt like it was a natural thing to do, but I really missed the guys. I realized this is what my home was.” In 2008, Lowery returned to the band with a determination to prove he brings something to the table. The result is a soon to be released new record titled, Cold Day Memory, that is scheduled to be released on April 20. The frist single from the album, a track called ‘Unraveling’ goes to radio next week. First Listen: Unraveling by Sevendust“There was a lot of pressure because I have been gone and I had a lot to prove coming back to the band. I didn’t want to take it down a notch, I wanted to bring it up,” Lowery said. “To do that it took a lot of work. Personally, I took on a lot of pressure because I wanted to show people I bring something to the table and not take it away. All the songs had to be good. It had to be undeniable to a certain degree.”Sevendust teamed up with producer Johnny K, who helped get the most out of groups like Disturbed, Staind, and 3 Doors Down. The group put most of the record together from October to December of last year in Johnny K’s studio in Chicago. They hope the new record can recapture the same formula that helped Sevendust build a fan base that began after their self-titled debut record in 1997 and continued with a series of records that included “Home” in 1999, “Animosity” in 2001 and “Seasons” in 2003. Sevendust’s “Animosity” went gold and in 2003, “Seasons” produced the hit song “Enemy” that peaked at No. 10 on the mainstream rock charts, the band’s highest charting single. “We always try to do things a little different. We don’t want to repeat the same record. It’s my first record back in six years. There were three records they did without me. It was us and the original five back together. We kind of put our formula back in place,” Lowery said. “They had to readjust while I was gone so it altered the sound a little bit. With me back it put us back together, the five members that started out. It gravitated to our original sound and we came out with it. We just wanted to make a really deep record as far as a lot of songs all the way through that were meaningful l and purposeful. Rather than having a few standouts songs and the rest of the songs that were fillers. We really wanted every song to mean something.” With the lineup back in tack, Sevendust has already hit to road to let its fans hear the new songs. “Life’s too short. We have a good thing going with our chemistry. A lot of bands have their own set of problems. We can contain our problems, we feel like these are our issues,” Lowery said. “Going out there and trying it with different people is too much. We just like dealing with our own tight group. With us as five guys, we have collectively been through a lot together so we just wanted to keep it intact.”