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Many Seether fans were a bit surprised by the bluegrass sounds of Seether's new single "Country Boy," but lead singer Shaun Morgan says the track's sound is one of many diverse sounding songs on the band's upcoming new album.

For Seether’s upcoming new album, Holding On To Strings Better Left To Fray, lead singer Shaun Morgan told Alternative Addiction the bluegrass sounds of the band’s first single “Country Song,” are just one of many styles showcased on the upcoming new album.“This is a very diverse album, there are a lot of different sounding songs,” said Morgan. “We want each album to be a little bit different; we don’t want to keep rehashing the same stuff.”Morgan says the band is accustomed to their fluid music styles being brought into question, as he says people were critical of their first single choice on their last album as well.“On the last album, the first single, “Fake It” had sort of a swing beat to it and people thought that was a little different for Seether. It’s definitely different than anything we’ve done before,” Morgan went on to say regarding new single. “The label, and management were both a little taken aback by the song as well, but that’s okay, we always like to do something a little bit different.”First Listen: “Country Song” by SeetherFor the new album, the band worked with acclaimed producer Brendan O’Brien, in a series of recording sessions in Nashville over the past year.“Working with Brendan was really cool. I think all of us are fans of his and the albums he’s produced in the past,” said Morgan. “He’s a great musician and really good producer.”While the entire recording process took over a year, Morgan said most of the time was spent writing the material, not recording it. The band wrote over 30 songs for album, of which 11 have made the album.“I think our best stuff comes when we’re just in a room together jamming,” explained Morgan. “We don’t try to take it too seriously. If we push ourselves too hard, we just end up over analyzing everything and looking too much into the details. Basically if we don’t enjoy playing it then we don’t think the fans will enjoy it [either.]”Holding On To Strings Better Left To Fray is due out May 17th, around the time that the band expected to announce a full North American Tour that will run through much of the summer and early fall. As usual, Morgan says fans shouldn’t expect anything really flashy from a Seether concert, just a great rock show.“We have never been a kind of band that feels we need to hide behind mad pyro and a lot of distractions. We’ve always just been a grass roots type of rock band that just goes out there and plays the songs. We not a gimmicky band, we just like to get up there and have fun and I think people appreciate that.”Listen To Alternative Addiction’s Interview with Seether