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Saves The Day is readying their seventh studio album, entitled 'Daybreak' for release on September 13th. The album's release will be followed by a UK tour with Yellowcard.

Saves The Day are excited to announce that they will be heading to the UK with Yellowcard for four headline shows beginning November 28th in Glasgow. The dates will be the band’s first full tour in the UK in seven years. “After seven years away from Europe and the UK, coming back to tour with our friends in Yellowcard this autumn will be a gift,” commented lead singer Chris Conley. “It will be a party and a pleasure to play each night.” It is really a dream come true for us to be sharing the stage with Saves The Day, a band that has been such an influence on our music through the years,” remarked Yellowcard Vocalist/guitarist Ryan Key. “The fact that it is for our first full headlining tour of Europe and the UK in five years makes it even more special.” Forerunners of the emo scene since their inception in 1997, Saves The Day are one of the few that have survived the test of time and a genre that they defined to be able to continue to release great records 14 years on. The band’s upcoming seventh studio album, Daybreak, is the final part of a trilogy that began with 2006’s Sound the Alarm and continued with Under The Boards in 2007. “Sound The Alarm is an expression of discontent. Under The Boards is reflection and remorse. Daybreak is acceptance,” explains Chris Conley. “Daybreak wraps up the challenges we wrote about on the previous two albums and transcends the pain those songs were about by facing the fear and angst that comes in this life and tiring it into growth and positive change.” Fast-forward to 2011, and Saves The Day is evolving once again. After a lineup change earlier in the year, the band hit the road rocking all their classic tunes with a brand new look. As Conley explains, “it makes sense that Daybreak features a new lineup, as thematically the album deals with coming back to Life with a renewed appreciation and attitude of perseverance and acceptance.” Now, that Saves The Day are ready to release the long-anticipated third part to the trilogy on September 13th, you get the feeling that a new day is truly breaking for them. “Daybreak is both an ending and a new beginning,” says Conley. “Daybreak comes back to life to say, ‘we are here together and we can make it through.’” US Tour dates are in the works and will be announced at a later date.