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Parade of Lights Anthony Improgo recently talked with Alternative Addiction about the band's early days and he dropped the big news on us that they're working on a full-length album.

If it weren’t for a freak injury in 2006, we might not have Parade of Lights and the awesomeness that is their Golden EP. Years ago, before Ryan Daly and Anthony Improgo started Parade of Lights, and even before they were professional touring musicians in other bands, they were in a band called Polus. They had a promising start with the project that included a huge gig opening up for Built to Spill in L.A. Surprisingly, that’s when the project hit a major snag and Ant and Daly were unable to continue with Polus. “Ryan and I have been friends since 2006,” started Improgo in a recent interview with AA. “We had a band called Polus. The story goes that we were a band for about a year and we opened up for Built to Spill at L.A. First song into it, Ryan dislocated his knee on stage. I called the ambulance and they came and took him away. “It was a sold out show. We sold out of CDs, but then we were out of commission for a year. After that, Polus was done. We both took touring gigs because we were broke.” That freak accident led Anthony to get a job touring with Metro Station and Daly finding a similar gig with other touring acts. While on tour, they both happened to be in Australia at the same time that’s when they decided to be in the band again. “During the time we did a lot of stuff online. We’d send each other tracks back and forth and trade files. Finally we were both in Australia at Soundwave and we decided to do the band again. We came home in 2010 and started Parade of Lights. We were doing all of our own production and we were writing. We did the L.A. writing game for about a year doing production and writing with other people. We got good at it during that year. After getting burned out with co-writes and all of that stuff, we decided to start clean and just do everything ourselves with a new thing. If people don’t like it, that’s one thing, but at least we would like it. We didn’t really like what we were doing then. After we put out our first EP, we did “We’re The Kids” and that’s what kind of got us recognized. That song is completely us, we wrote it, recorded it, and we even mixed that song. That’s when the label came into play, Astralwerks was the first one to gravitate toward us so we signed with them,” added Improgo. Since signing with Astralwerks, Parade of Lights has had a string of good fortune by scoring some great opening slots on tours, and even some radio play with their songs “We’re The Kids” and “Golden.” The band’s hard work and good fortune have paid off and just recently they got the green light from Astralwerks to hit the studio and start working on a full-length album. “With shows and touring, that’s been great. The EP seems to be going over really well, but now people want to hear more songs. We asked Astralwerks if we could do an album and they just said yes. We’re going to go to Nashville for a couple of months, hunker down, and finish this thing. We’re incredibly excited that we got the green light to make this record. It’s going to be good.”