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Parachute has announced April 12 as the release date of their upcoming sophomore album 'The Way It Was.' According to band drummer Johnny Stubblefield, the band wrote most of the album while on the road in 2010.

The band Parachute is preparing to release their sophomore effort, The Way It Was on April 12th. The album features the single “Something to Believe in (Jeremiah),” which debuted on radio in early February. Due to the success of the band’s previous release Losing Sleep that came out in 2009 the band spent most of 2010 out on the road, leaving them little time to write the follow up. As a result, band drummer Johnny Stubblefield says the band wrote much of the album while on the road. “We did write most of it while on tour,” Stubblefield told Alternative Addiction. “There are two types of writing in my opinion, there is discipline writing where you sit down and focus on writing, and if you do that enough you come up with something. And then there is inspirational writing which is not planned, it just kinda comes to you. For The Way It Was, Stubblefield says that he took the latter approach- “this album was a lot of just letting it come to you, and it just kind of randomly came, so I was very lucky in that sense.” When it comes time to promote this album on the road, Stubblefield says the band is ready having served as an opening act at large scale venues the last few years. “We are very ambitious, the arrangements themselves, we just wanted them to be really big,” says Stubblefield. “Playing in big arena opening for other acts really gave us a taste of what we wanted to do and how we want to make five guys playing instruments sound really big.” Parachute is currently wrapping up an east coast tour that ends Feb 28th. Following that the band will be prepping for a full tour in the spring in support of The Way It Was’ April 12 release.