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Parachute guitarist Nate McFarland says that the band actually took a unique approach to writing a recording the band's brand new album "The Way It Was."

Parachute’s brand new album, The Way It Was, debuted at number one on the iTunes Rock Chart last week, and Parachute guitarist Nate McFarland attributes the success to the unique approach that lead singer Will Anderson took to writing the album. “I think Will approached song writing in a non-autobiographical way, which gave him a very broad range of emotions to tap into,” McFarland told Alternative Addiction. “He put some really gripping stories into these songs, and it made for some very interesting and emotionally charged songs.” McFarland says the albums success is also due to the simplified musical approach the band took to the new album. “We decided to do less tracks, less layers,” explained McFarland. “The music was very intentional, to make more with a lot less. If a song didn’t need any electric guitar, then we didn’t add it, which was different for us, but we were really excited to try something new.” Parachute is currently on a small club tour, which runs through early summer. Starting July 8th, the band will play a series of shows opening for Goo Goo Dolls and Michelle Branch.