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OneRepublic's batch of late fall concerts gave fans a taste of the band's new album as they test drove a new song, "All the Right Moves," during the course of its set. It is one of three new tunes the band has already written for their next album due out in mid-2009.

OneRepublic’s batch of late fall concerts was a treat for the pop band’s fans, as the group test drove a new song, “All the Right Moves,” during the course of its set. It is one of three new tunes the band has written, according to drummer Eddie Fisher, who recently spoke to LiveDaily via telephone from Atlanta. The second is called “The Other Side” and the third is yet to be named. Fisher said the new songs are much different than what fans heard on the band’s 2007 debut, “Dreaming Out Loud,” which spawned the huge hit “Apologize.””It’s just more mature,” Fisher said. “… We’re not so sad and desperate about record labels and frustrated with girls. A few of us are married and stuff like that. We’ve grown up.” OneRepublic–which also includes vocalist/guitarist Ryan Tedder, guitarist Zach Filkins, guitarist Drew Brown and bassist/keyboardist Brent Kutzle–will return to the studio in February to produce its second album, which should be released in late 2009. “We’re coming up with some great ideas and we’re really excited about it,” Fisher said. “We’ve been playing ‘Dreaming Out Loud’ for about four or five or six years almost.” Fans will have to wait for downloadable material, but OneRepublic’s website does feature a streaming version of one new song, “Come Home,” a tune that has been redone as a duet with pianist/pop star Sara Bareilles. “I think she’s got a wonderful voice and we like her,” Fisher said. “She’s a wonderful person. We sat around and we wanted to have a girl do it. The easy pick would have been, like, Leona Lewis or something, but we’re, like, ‘No. What’s the better fit?’ We thought about Colbie Caillat, but Sara seemed to fit a little bit better. She nailed it. We love the duet with her.” Lead singer Tedder co-penned and produced Lewis’ song “Bleeding Love” with Jesse McCartney. The material on “Dreaming Out Loud” is about six years old. Fisher said the crowd’s enthusiasm for the music keeps OneRepublic from getting bored with it. The group has also become known for covering British pop songs such as “Bitter Sweet Symphony” by The Verve, Oasis’ “Don’t Go Away,” Duffy’s “Mercy” and “Always Where I Need to Be” by The Kooks. “We joke around, we have fun,” Fisher said. “That’s pretty much it. We don’t really change most of it because people know the songs the way they are. You go to a concert. You want to hear the song the way you know it. You don’t want to hear a different version. “To be honest, we go off of the crowd’s energy. We try and hype the crowd up. If the crowd gets hyped up, then we get hyped up. So it’s kind of like a chain-reaction thing.”