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Philadelphia-based singer/songwriter Christian O'Connor talked with AA about his latest single and his upcoming album.

Recently we were introduced to Philadelphia-based solo rock artist Christian O’Connor. We’ve grown attached to his writing style, his vocal delivery, and especially his guitar work. O’Connor is an act on the rise and we’re excited for his upcoming album “Wine Over Water, Blood Over Wine.” Listening through a preview of the album, we’re expecting big things from the Pennsylvania singer/songwriter. “I started out as a session musician, doing work for hire,” said O’Connor talking with Alternative Addiction. “It’s hard to describe how I got into my own stuff. I guess if you’re an enthusiast of music that’s a natural progression. If you love music you have to create it. With my first album, I fell in love with the process.” O’Connor’s first solo album, “Dogma, Dharma, Grace and Karma” came out a few years ago and that was his first official foray into making his own music. With his new album, he tried to get better on everything he was doing. From writing, singing, and producing, O’Connor did everything for the new album except for playing drums. Everything we heard is an improvement, and while we love the title of O’Connor’s first album, we think that the title of his upcoming album is even slightly better. It’s a simple but cool story how he came up with the title. “I came up with the title because it’s the first line of the album. It’s the first line of ‘Something to Believe In.’ I always name an album last. That’s the last stamp. I had the track list and I was listening to the album and I heard that and I thought, I think that sums it up. It’s the first line on the record and I like it.” As for the song, “Something to Believe In” that’s a clear highlight of the song. As deep and unique as the lyrics are across the set, “Something to Believe In” still puts itself ahead of the rest of the album on a lyrical level. “It’s a complicated one but it mostly draws on moments in my life, some good things and some bad things,” said O’Connor when asked about the song. “It ties back to the theme that’s just the title of the song. it’s a simple appreciation for the fact that we have limited amount of time here on Earth and we need to fill it with as many good things as we can. Everybody needs something to believe in I guess.” Expect “Wine Over Water, Blood Over Wine” to be released in the next couple of months. Until then, check out Christian’s video for his song, “Something to Believe In” below.