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Not-so-favorite Canadian rock band Nickelback's 2004 cover of Metallica's hit song "Sad But True" has gone viral.

Not-so-favorite Canadian rock band Nickelback’s 2004 cover of Metallica’s hit song “Sad But True” has gone viral. The video, which was posted by Vintage Heavy Metal on Facebook, shows Nickelback performing the Metallica classic. The video left several music fans dumbstruck and surprised at the quality of the performance. The video has since been deleted due to copyright reasons. The performance took place in 2004 at Germany’s Rock AM Ring, however, it only surfaced online recently. “Done making fun of Nickelback. They won me,” tweeted one music lover. “I’m convinced Nickelback should release a cover album of Metallica songs,” wrote another. “F**k, now I actually have to say I like something Nickelback has done,” wrote one Twitter user. “Not that I like Nickelback but their cover of Metallica’s ‘Sad But True’ is damn good,” added another. Meanwhile, some ardent fans of Metallica were still upset despite the cover. “Nice try Nickelback but you’re still dogs**t, Metallica are eons ahead of you in longevity, lyrically, instrumentally,” one user said. Before they went full commercial years after “How You Remind Me”, it’s worth reminded people that Nickelback had some good stuff. (Even some of the commercial stuff isn’t that bad. Listen to “Breathe” from the band, that’s when they were just getting going, and doing some cool stuff. Copyright(c) 2018 All Rights Reserved