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The release date for the new SafetySuit album has been pushed back. The album was scheduled to be released on 11/1/2011 now it's slated to be released in January of 2012.

Safetysuit’s sophomore album and their follow-up to “Life Left to Go” has been pushed back not once, but twice. Earlier this year the album was given a rough release date of October 18th, a few weeks ago the album had a November 1st release date. As of right now though, don’t expect to see the sophomore Safetysuit album on shelves or online until early 2012. The reason behind that is due to some promotion and attention that needs to be given to the band’s new single “Let Go.” The new single release is their second single of 2011 after “Get Around This.” The song was produced by OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder and the video for the new single was released last week. In addition to working with Tedder, the band worked with Howard Benson and Espionage on the group’s sophomore release that’s now slated to appear in January of 2012. More new music from the band has been pushed out via their twitter account- you can stream the opening track off their sophomore album “Believe” here.