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Alternative Addiction recently talked with drummer Noah "Shark" Robertson about how he joined the band and some of the drama Motograter has seen through their years.

Despite only releasing two albums, and just releasing their sophomore album, Motograter has enjoyed a dedicated following. Currently made up of Matt Nunes, Mylon Guy, Noah Robertson, James Legion, Dustin Anderson, and Jesse Stamper – Motograter just released Desolation. The album is the long-awaited follow-up to the debut self-titled album that came out all the way back in 2003. Alternative Addiction recently talked with drummer Noah “Shark” Robertson about how he joined the band, some of the drama the band has seen, and their upcoming music video. “When I first joined the band we still had Michael ‘Angel’ Woodruff on vocals,” said Shark in the interview. “After one hiatus, Angel and Nuke worked things out and got the band back together. I had sent Nuke a random Facebook message joking that I should drum for Motograter. They called me and I did end up. I flew to California and auditioned and everything worked out. It’s embarrassing to talk about it now, but when I first joined the band I talked them into playing a battle of the bands. It was for a slot on Knotfest and we won. We had a falling out with Angel shortly after that. I thought the band was going to be done, but then we found James Legion and everything worked out.” “James is a great frontman. He has a good look on stage and he has an awesome presence. His lyrics are awesome and his melodies are kind of haunting – he’s got a good ear for that. He’s a great writer, a great singer, he’s got a lot of strengths. That’s really why things ended up working out for the better.” Some bands are built on great relationships and they thrive with them too. Everybody gets along with everybody. Their families do barbeques together and everybody is happy for the most part. Then there are bands where drama follows them around everywhere they go. There’s one issue after another. Motograter belongs in the second group. The band has had nonstop drama since they started. They’re a big band in the first place, but Motograter has 27 current or former members on their roster. Still the constant lineup changes never changes how they treat their live show. “One of our best qualities is that we can be somewhat of a train wreck off the stage at times, but no matter what’s going on off the stage we always bring it 1000 percent on stage. You’re never going to see a half-assed Motograter show,” added Robertson. Now that Desolation is out and available the next step for the band is their first music video in over a decade. They did a video for “Dorian” off the album and it’s a chaotic mess of evil-filled wonder. Noah gave us the scoop on the video. “We filmed it in the Ohio State Reformatory where they filmed Shawshank Redemption. It’s going to look sick. It’s going to be cool because there hasn’t been a Motograter video since 2003-2004. What we’ve seen so far, it’s a very visual thing and it looks kind of evil.” The best thing about Noah is that he’s a member of the band but he’s also a huge fan too. He gave us his interesting perspective on Motograter and why he loves what he does. “Before I joined the band I was a huge fan. I saw them in 2003 and then I became obsessed with metal bands with a cool image. I had posters on my wall and I used to try and drum to their album. They’re one of the reasons I wanted to be in a band. To get to the point to where I got to join the band it’s been a surreal experience. I loved the first album, to be the drummer on the second album is hard to describe. It’s just kind of crazy.”