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MisterWives have shared new track “decide to be happy” from their forthcoming album "SUPERBLOOM", out July 24th via Fueled By Ramen.

MisterWives have shared new track “decide to be happy” from their forthcoming album SUPERBLOOM, out July 24th via Fueled By Ramen. Frontwoman Mandy Lee commented on the song, “Happiness is not a destination. It is fleeting. It comes and goes as it pleases, rarely arriving organically. I find you have to seek it out and make the conscious decision to be “happy” – and by happy I really mean taking care of yourself, your mind, your heart, your body. In my experience, it’s much easier to let my depression, anxiety, and fear take over. Getting out of the heavy mindset that often feels like I’m imprisoned in my own body is incredibly difficult, but taking tiny steps towards what brings a sense of peace or changes my brain chemistry is what I strive to achieve most days. Writing this song was me acknowledging that choice, and I hope it reminds you that you have that power within yourself as well. ESPECIALLY during this upside-down time of a pandemic, abhorrent racism, police brutality and a President who is doing nothing to help any of these pressing issues, all while being isolated at home. Be kind to your mind a little extra today, tomorrow and all the days that follow and arrest the cops that killed Breonna Taylor.” Last week, MisterWives joined forces with songwriter Tessa Violet for a feature on new single, “Bored.” In May, the group shared SUPERBLOOM’s vibrant title track and accompanying visualizer, which premiered via V Magazine. An intensely personal reflection on growth in unexpected places, SUPERBLOOM is a 19-track epic (including five tracks also featured on the group’s 2019 EP mini bloom), that marks a moment of major transformation for frontwoman Mandy Lee and her bandmates.